Have you ever realised that our range of Rowse honeys all taste different? We have the bees to thank for that! Depending on which flowers they forage on, the honey they make will taste and look different.

The panel of the Great Taste Awards have had the immense pleasure to taste our Rowse honeys and select the most special ones to reward for their exquisite taste, that left their tastebuds tingling for more!

The Great Taste Awards were founded in 1994 and are organised by the Guild of Fine Food. The team of judges blind-taste test products and then rate them, providing 0 to 3 stars for each one.

After the high-profile panel of food professionals tested 14,205 entries from over 100 countries, Rowse Honey has received the following awards:

  • Heather Max: 2-stars, with the judges praising it as “a honey that has a lovely floral aroma and a great flavour, full of spring notes that are long on the palate and distinctly of heather honey. The texture and mouthfeel are particularly pleasing, silky without being sticky, buttery and melt in the mouth.”

  • Manuka 100+: 1-star, the judges commented: “We loved the golden hue of this thick manuka honey, which really surprised us with its taste. It was initially quite lemony and floral then changed quickly into a piney and menthol intensity followed by a buttery caramel finish. We really loved the complexity.”

  • Spreadable: 1-star, which the judges thought “has a beautiful velvety texture that coats the mouth and melts on the tongue. It is glossy and the flavour is long-lasting without being too sweet.”

  • Runny organic (squeezy and jar): 1-star, described as follows: “This clear runny honey had a very sweet and blossomy aroma with hints of meadow flavours. The texture was wonderfully silky and it had a pleasing delicacy that will make it a very versatile product.”

  • British: 1-star, with the following feedback from the judges: “We loved the delicate nature of this honey, which was blossomy sweet and floral. We enjoyed the way it gently unfolded in a quietly complex way. We think it's both a very accessible honey for anyone previously honey-averse, as well as one that honey connoisseurs can appreciate.”

We now have 9 great-tasting, award-winning Rowse honey products proudly sporting a Great Taste Award, as Manuka 250+ won 2 stars in 2020, described by the judges as “A lovely deep amber coloured manuka honey with a wonderful gloss, and a thick, rich consistency. This honey has delicious floral botanical notes on the nose. The flavour notes were striking, with depth and complexity, offering a very long-lasting non-cloying finish. A wonderful burst of well-balanced flavours of liquorice and botanicals”.

Dark & Rich received 1 star the same year, praised by the judges as “A honey with a deep rich amber wood bark colouration. A stunning aroma of caramelised toffee and coffee notes, followed by the distinctive flavour notes of aniseed and toffee.”

Which one will take your fancy next time you go shopping? Whichever Rowse honey you choose, remember that you help us to protect the bees through our Hives for Lives programme of vital initiatives to protect bees and beekeepers around the world.

If you’d like to learn more about the taste of our honeys, take a look at our guide!

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Rowse Honey Great Taste Awards 2022 winners

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