If you’re a fan of honey, then you’ll know it’s not only delicious on porridge, but it’s a versatile cooking ingredient too. But did you know that there are actually a number of varieties of honey to tingle your taste buds, with distinct colours, flavours and textures? Here’s a little honey guide to take you on a squeeze-filled taste journey!

The lighter the colour, the more subtle the flavour. Lighter varieties of honey are a good starting point for those just delving into the world of honey. These include Acacia honey, which has vanilla back notes. Runny, amber-coloured honey has a mild, caramelly flavour with distinctive, fruity back notes. It’s best drizzled over porridge and squeezed into smoothies. Spreadable honey has a creamy, velvety texture and is delicious spread on toast, crumpets and croissants.

The darker the colour, the more robust the flavour. Dark amber-coloured honey generally has an incredibly rich toffee flavour and liquorice back notes. Greek honey is made by bees that forage on trees in Greek forests. With its dark brown colour, this honey is herbal and earthy, and has bold notes of aniseed and malt, and goes perfectly with thick and creamy Greek yogurt or baked in baklava. These darker varieties are an ideal choice for those who prefer a stronger flavour, and are great for baking or cooking savoury meals with.

a stack of baklava with chocolate icing on a cutting board .
Greek honey, dark chocolate & walnut baklava

If you’re after something showstopping on a cheeseboard, Acacia honey with cutcomb offers an unusual tasting experience, as you chew on the wax directly sourced from the hive. The beautiful honeycomb structure creates a real focal point in the middle of a table.

a wooden cutting board topped with cheese , fruit , olives , crackers and honey .

More so than ever, honey is being used in savoury dishes. That’s why we launched Rowse Chilli Fusion. It’s the perfect ingredient to add a sweet and spicy kick to savoury dishes that benefit from a sweet kick, such as a stir-fry or pizza.

a white bowl filled with chicken , broccoli , carrots and peppers .
Chicken and cashew nut stir fry

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