We’re all finding ways to be more adventurous in the kitchen at the moment. For some, that means being a little more experimental with some of our favourite cupboard staples… and what tastier staple to experiment with than Winnie The Pooh’s favourite food… honey!

Though we love honey on its own, we also know that it enhances so many dishes. Enjoying honey at breakfast is the best way to start your day and it takes yummy desserts to the next level. It’s delicious, natural and beautifully complements the flavours of our favourite foods. In fact, Google searches for recipes with honey have increased by a whopping 194% during lockdown compared to the same time last year. In fact, we’ve found that 40% of honey buyers consumed more honey in lockdown and 56% of these honey lovers are certain their increased use will remain the same post-lockdown.

So, we’ve put together a few suggestions to get that nectar flowing and your taste buds tingling!

On your marks… get set… BAKE

Baking rose in popularity through lockdown. It’s a lovely way to unwind, let your creativity flow and bond with little ones. Better yet, you can enjoy your baked goodies alone, serve for friends and family or offer as a gift. The moreish natural flavour of honey lends itself perfectly to treats and desserts.

Baklava — Go Greek by layering thin slices of pastry with oozy honey and a sprinkle of nuts for a decadent dish that transports you to exotic climes

Muffins — Whisk honey into sugar, eggs, milk and dash of oil to create a fluffy mixture. Remember, honey makes a great natural alternative to sugar too. Once warm and squidgy, drizzle honey once more for melt-in-your-mouth muffins. Make your mornings a little tastier by enjoying for breakfast or as a special snack

Biscuits — For biccies that pack a crunch and flavour punch, stir a generous tablespoon of honey into your batter. Again, honey’s lovely flavour means you can minimise on sugar. Sprinkle with cinnamon for a beautifully seasoned snack to enjoy with a cuppa, or gift-wrap these golden delights for a loved one

Cakes — We great British bakers are frequently searching for ‘honey cake’ on Google. So, here’s a tasty tip: swirling honey into cake mixture adds a delightful moistness to the sponge, while squeezing honey into your buttercream creates a deliciously smooth topping or filling. Experiment with ingredients and decorations for cakes that taste as nice as they look. This flavour formula works just as well for cute cupcakes

Recipe recommendation: Whole-wheat carrot and honey cake with mascarpone honey icing

Ice creams and lollies

As the weather warms up, ice creams and lollies are a mouth-watering must. Even on cooler days, they’re the ideal simple summer snack to whip up and save for sunshine (unless you can’t resist). Minimum time, maximum flavour!

Ice cream — Swirl honey into ice cream mix for a super-cool snack. Let your love of honey go further by whipping up ‘Hokey Pokey’ — comprising of vanilla ice cream with delicious chunks of honeycomb toffee

Frozen lollies — Blend honey with juicy fruits and ice for a lighter bite, perfect for kids when they need a treat

Recipe recommendation: Rowse Greek Honey and blueberry frozen yogurt lollies


Honey adds a smooth, sip-able sweetness to cocktails. If alcohol isn’t for you, tropical tipples are worth trying as ‘mocktails’. A splash of honey will help evoke that holiday spirit. If milkshakes and smoothies are more your thing, a squeeze of honey will create a dreamy, creamy concoction:

Milkshakes — Blend honey with milk ingredients of your choice, from chocolate to fruit… or both! Pour into a glass, then garnish with a generous squeeze of the sweet stuff

Smoothies — Blitz honey with fresh fruit and ice for a cooling refreshment, or stir in smooth natural yoghurt for the perfect morning pick-me-up

Mojitos — Squeeze honey onto crushed mint leaves and lime wedges before adding ice, rum and soda for a tasty twist on this Cuban cocktail

Cosmopolitan — Honey softens the sharpness of vodka in this boozy, fruity favourite. One splash is all it takes for a smooth flavour sensation

Recipe recommendation: Honey and pomegranate cosmopolitan

There’s never been a better time to experiment with and enjoy a range of flavours, textures and exotic ingredients. If you’re sweet on honey, the opportunities are endless!


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