Rachel Khoo

Honey hot dogs with herby honey

  • 30 mins to prep
  • 10 mins to cook
  • Serves 4
This recipe uses:Runny HoneyWhere to buy
a bottle of rowse runny honey


The humble hotdog is made more gourmet with a delectable honey mustard marinade and topped with a vibrant herby relish. Easy to make and bursting with flavour, these hotdogs are perfect for a casual summer get-together.

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Recipe by:Rachel Khoo
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  1. 1

    Accordion cut the hot dogs: Place chopsticks on either side of a frankfurter. Slice into the hot dog at a 45 degree angle, making cuts all down its length but being careful not to slice through (that’s what the chopsticks are there for). Turn the frankfurter over and make horizontal cuts all down it’s length in the same manner. Repeat with all your hot dogs to

  2. 2

    Make the glaze by toasting the mustard seeds in a small frying pan over a medium heat until they start to pop. Remove from the heat and use a pestle & mortar to bash lightly so they crack open. Mix in the oil and honey.

  3. 3

    Heat the ½ tbsp oil and butter in a large frying pan over a medium-high heat. Once the butter has melted, add the frankfurters and cook, turning occasionally, until browned all over. Spoon the honey relish over the frankfurters, letting it get into the crevices and shake the pan to help it distribute all over. Cook for a few minutes more to caramelise. Remove the frankfurters from the pan, turn the heat down to low, and add the white wine, scraping up any bits from the pan. Add the frankfurters back in and stir to coat in the sauce, letting them cook for a bit longer until the sauce has reduced down to a sticky glaze. Remove from the heat.

  4. 4

    Make the relish by roughly chopping the gherkins and capers then adding to a bowl. Finely chop the dill or parsley as well as the red onion and add to the bowl with the oil, honey and apple cider vinegar.

  5. 5

    Toast the brioche buns and spread one side with the sour cream before adding a frankfurter to each and topping with the relish.

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