Barefoot Bakery Wildflower Honey Cake
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Barefoot Bakery Wildflower Honey Cake

  • 10 mins to prep
  • 60 mins to cook
  • Serves 8
This recipe uses:Oxfordshire Wildflower Runny HoneyWhere to buy
a jar of Rowse Oxfordshire Wildflower Runny Honey


This recipe, made for us by Oxford-based Barefoot Bakery, is bound to leave your taste buds tingling.

Infused with the natural floral sweetness of our Oxfordshire Wildflower honey, it has a light and tender crumb. The honey ensures the sponge stays extra moist, while the orange adds a zesty twist.

Whether enjoyed alongside a warm cup of tea, as a decadent brunch option, or as a simple yet satisfying dessert, this cake is perfect for any occasion.

So why not treat yourself to a slice of pure indulgence and savour the taste of the Oxfordshire countryside with every bite?

Recipe by:Barefoot Bakery
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  1. 1

    Set the oven to 150 degrees or thereabouts, depending on your oven. You don’t want it too hot so as not to burn the loaf before the inside is cooked. Line your loaf tin with greaseproof paper.

  2. 2

    Add the eggs, sugar, honey, vanilla, salt & olive oil to a bowl or mixer. Mix for about 2 minutes until light & fluffy. Add the orange zest and juice, and mix for about 15 seconds until combined.

  3. 3

    Scrape the bowl down to ensure all the sugar is combined. Finally, add the flour all in one go, but then mix slowly for about 10 seconds or until the flour is fully combined. Do not over-mix, or the cake will be tough. Give a final mix by hand, then pour it into your loaf tin.

  4. 4

    Bake for about 1 hour, or until the top is risen, springs back and doesn’t feel soft when touched. You could also test with a cocktail stick or skewer; if it comes out clean, the loaf is cooked.

  5. 5

    For the glaze, warm the honey and the orange zest slightly, either in the microwave for a few seconds or in a pan, only warming the honey slightly. You want the honey to be runny enough to pour over your loaf.

  6. 6

    Remove the loaf from the oven and pour on the glaze while the loaf is still hot. Then allow to cool. Serve with tea or coffee, or for an indulgent breakfast, serve with Greek yoghurt & more of our Oxfordshire Wildflower Honey.

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