At Rowse, we’ve made it our mission to protect bees and beekeepers, which you can read about in our Hives For Lives pages. If you want to get involved and help us, we are giving you a chance to win* one of 100,000 bee-friendly seed packs, so you can plant flowers in your garden – or simply in a plant pot, and provide sustainable nectar sources for bees to feed on.

This many seeds will be enough to cover the equivalent of 14 Wembley stadium pitches, that's a lot of food for the bees! Together, we can make a big difference!

Their tastes are simple but their needs are great,
because the bees aren’t getting enough on their plate.
It’s a challenge, as wildflower meadows have dwindled.
That’s why we think that it’s time we rekindled.
Let’s start a movement to bring flowers back,
as a starter, grow a potful that’ll make a great snack.
And it’s easy – no gardening expertise –
just sow some seeds and help Feed The Bees.


*For a chance to win, simply purchase a promotional pack of Rowse Honey and enter your details here between 3rd January 2022 and 14th March 2022. Winners will be chosen randomly via a prize draw. Terms and conditions apply. Good luck!


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