Protecting our ecosystem and everything that lives within it has never been more important than now. And we’re all trying to do everything we can to help… but did you know that you might actually be helping without realising it? In fact, the simple act of buying Rowse honey can protect our tiny buzzing winged friends and the world we live in. Wondering how? Well, we have a brand new campaign to tell you!

For over a decade, we’ve been committed to promoting biodiversity, protecting bees and improving livelihoods in the UK and around the world through our Hives for Lives programme of vital initiatives. And now we’re bringing you on that journey with us, through Top Boy’s Emeka Sesay, one of our amazing beekeeping apprentices, Jim Bliss and our #SqueezeForBees campaign.

Together, Emeka and Jim visited some of the beautiful areas of the Lake District that bring to life the positive impact of our Hives for Lives initiatives, which you’ll be able to see on TV screens at the start of 2022. They also donned bee suits and visited the apiary that Jim works at to meet some bees that work hard to pollinate crops and produce honey!

Emeka tells our ‘What if?’ story over the video showing stunning local landscape, while the music featured has been specially composed for Rowse by musician Alex Banks. His dulcet tones will also be heard on radio and you’ll see the campaign feature across social, web and some like-minded influencers too!

a man in a beekeeper suit is holding two frames of honey .

Why the squeeze?

Whilst some of our honey is available in glass jars, we’ve become iconic for our hive style squeezy bottle, which is now 100% recyclable and includes 30% recycled plastic. We wanted to create a memorable way to show you just how easy it is to support the bees with Rowse – just through a simple squeeze. Of course, however you like to use Rowse – whether it’s a spoonful, spread or drizzle, you’ll still be supporting the bees.

Plus, we have an exciting on-pack prize draw to win one of 100,000 bee-friendly seed packs, so you can grow flowers in your garden – or simply in a plant pot - and provide sustainable nectar sources for bees to feed on. When flowered, all these seeds would cover the equivalent of 14 Wembley stadium pitches! That’s a lot of food for the bees!

All of our honey is 100% pure and natural and the campaign reflects our passion to protect bees and promote beekeeping. In fact, honey farming promotes bee welfare and grows the number of bees in the world, which has a hugely positive impact on the environment. Globally, the honey bee is the world’s most important pollinator of food crops, pollinating an estimated one third of the food that we consume!

Rowse. It’s the squeeze that protects the bees.


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