Did you know that there aren’t enough bees and beekeepers in the UK to satisfy our love for honey? It’s true – we eat so much honey in the UK that we need the help of bees from all over the globe to satisfy the UK demand.

Take a look below to understand more about the steps we take and the people and countries we work with.

TasteWe have an experienced panel of people, similar to sommeliers, that test the specific taste, colour and aroma of each honey to ensure its superiority.
TraceabilityAll our honeys are fully traceable back to the beekeeper who harvested it.
SourceWe visit beekeepers regularly to understand what flora their bees forage on, audit their processes and of course, we taste the honey!
QualityWe test all of our honey to make sure you’re getting only the best pure and natural honey possible.

Meet some of the beekeepers we work with and find out more about the countries we source from...

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