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The Rowse family lived in Southall, Middlesex and Tony Rowse started beekeeping as a hobby, at his home in Ewelme, Oxfordshire.


In 1938, Tony enjoyed beekeeping so much he decided to set up a business, and Rowse Honey was born.


Tony was selling honey locally but soon realised he couldn't keep up with demand. He had to start sourcing more honey from across the UK and abroad too.


Rowse Honey became a limited company.


We introduced speciality honeys like Acacia to the UK.


We launched Manuka Honey into British supermarkets, making it accessible to all for the very first time.


We started working in partnership with LASI, University of Sussex.


We launched our Campaign For Real Manuka. There is some Manuka out on the market that isn't the real deal. But with Rowse, you can be sure it is genuine.


We launched our Bee A Bee Farmer apprenticeship scheme with the Bee Farmer Association, to train the next generation of beekeepers.


Bees For Development partnership starts and Hives for Lives is born to gather all of our sustainability initiatives under one umbrella.


We moved to gold caps & introduced 30% recycled plastic in our bottles.


We launched Fusion, a range of honeys infused with savoury ingredients for cooking.

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